I will not forget to write to my mother.

He stays a long time every time he comes.

It's illegal to park your car here.

We're pulling out.

Many students took part in the contest.

Juliane forgot the rules.

After standing for 6 hours, Antonio's legs became stiff.

Why do you want to join the navy?

I don't know anything for sure.

I've been up and about all day, now I'm worn out.

Roberta wouldn't open the door, so I left.

He cannot take care of himself.


Everyone knows that he's no saint. By defending him, we'd be accepting and encouraging his views.

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Catherine contradicts just about everything I say.

This doghouse was built by Tait.

Every sentence I utter must be understood not as an affirmation, but as a question.

There is meat, cheese and tomatoes in my sandwich.

You want to learn Japanese, so I suggest you visit Japan.

We began to sail in the direction of the port.

Many men set out for the West in search of gold.

He made five mistakes in as many lines.

What are you two up to?


They had to go to the hospital.


No sooner had he arrived than the bus departed.

That was again completely wrong!

Some of the 2016 Olympic events will be held in a neighborhood called Deodoro.


What was the cost?


He's raking in the cash.

I drank too much wine, and became dizzy.

It is interesting to make friends with a foreigner.

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He laughs because the film is funny.

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Is Wayne really the manager?

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Dawson thought nobody was home.


Kathy just left.


We learned English.

Finally, I have time to reply to the mail that I have received these past three weeks.

Because of the heavy snow, the train was 10 minutes late.

Torsten bought this for me in Boston.

My children rarely go outside.

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The drunk tourists left the hotel room in shambles after their visit.


She is as beautiful as Snow White.


I habitually use smokeless tobacco as substitute for cigarettes because of health reasons.


This place is fantastic.


Recently, he's been drinking too much.


He was extraordinarily important in your life.

I am two years younger than he.

His blue coat was dirty and wrinkled.

I'm glad the guys who broke into your house got caught.

I like to go to school.

Robin is Ravindranath's husband.

I thought you weren't going to get here on time.

Dan is the only rogue around here.

I'll stay at home the next time she comes.

Fred saw the plane flying over Zurich.

Don't breath! It's poisonous gas.

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Mr Mitsue dropped in on me yesterday.

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Can I see Terri now?


Many thanks for the meal!


We're a little busy right now.

Conrad was angry at me for not coming.

He asked us to bring him a television and a fridge.

The prediction was falsified by the result.

We may not have so much time.


Her doctor wants to send her to a specialist.

News stations use helicopters to report on traffic.

When would it be convenient for you?

How far do you live from here?

It's going to take me a while to get this done.

You must learn from mistakes.

Everyone hates me.

We don't know who did this.

He said that.

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Isn't that a little dishonest?

The dog followed me to my home.

I haven't eaten.

I thought that my boyfriend was going to kill me.

Antony is going to be prepared.

We're meeting on Sunday.

Can I come too?


I've never liked her.


Jeannette doesn't appear to have any injuries.

I really have to get back to the office.

I couldn't be prouder.

This is the second time that I have met him.

I'm surprised you didn't know that.


We went to college together.

Then I try to play the first notes.

The young woman slapped the man who pinched her buttocks.

Can I get your help with something?

Thanks for coming by.


We are planning a trip to New York.

He got dressed and went outside.

We'll discuss that later.

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The house is owned by him.

Finish the story.

Which do you like better, apples or oranges?

They used this table.

I must study hard to make up for lost time.

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Have you read Andrea's new book?

We came to the conclusion that he is a genius.

Neal is a very creative person.


They're not freaks.

I have to convince her to come.

I thought it might be worth something.


He didn't tell John about the accident.


Travis fell for the oldest trick in the book.


The earth is where we all live.


What's your real secret?


He explained the plan's main objective.

He put on the red jacket.

Ritalynne's a first-time offender.

I want to study abroad next year.

I hope they throw Knute in jail.


Torsten doesn't know what to believe.


The show is on Monday.

Do you offer a volume discount? If so, please send details.

Somebody left a package here for you.

Do you want to watch this movie again?

Who can field this question?

Ricardo said that wasn't so.

I'll ask you one last time.


Every day the boy would come.

We are working for you.

My class is made up of forty students.

Why don't you take your coat off?

He is longing for city life.

The bee flew to the flower and drank the nectar.

Calvin suffers from multiple sclerosis.

The song I heard before in the train station loops endlessly around my head.

Albert checked to make sure the gas was turned off.


Dan thinks Linda started the fire.

When was the last time you brought your dog to the park?

He worked for five hours on end.

I don't want to upset anyone.

Sorry, I was dining and I didn't see the message.

I'll come home at ten.

We're open for business.

Two jet planes took off at the same time.

She looked at several dolls and decided on the most beautiful one.

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I was as surprised as Ethan was.

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Weld The outer edge to match the one provided on the plate.

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How and why does the end link up with the beginning?

They seemed OK.

Is Belinda coming back again?


Does the medicine act on the stomach?


I think you'll like this one better.

What we did was necessary.

Make him go away.

Takayuki leaned over and whispered in Marsha's ear.

Now that you know the truth, perhaps you'll feel better.

You have wine.

I've already arranged it.

He could not take effective measures.

You should have thought of that before you got her pregnant.

I left Africa forever.

House dust mites can be found in mattresses, carpets, curtains and stuffed furniture.